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 evaluations on hr it outsourcing

人力资源管理 (HR)
人力资源知识库包含了公司领导层及员工所需的与人力相关的所有任务。 其主要模块包括了人事管理, 福利管理,薪资管理, 员工自助式服务, 数据库和健康及安全。

evaluations on hr it outsourcing  (HR) 人力资源知识库包含了公司领导层及员工所需的与人力相关的所有任务。 其主要模块包括了人事管理, 福利管理,薪资管理, 员工自助式服务, 数据库和健康及安全。



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人力资源管理 (HR) 软件评估报告

This Software Evaluation Report on human resources management systems affords clients the opportunity to rapidly determine their criteria for management and employee personnel tasks. Its extensive criteria include benefits and payroll management, employee self service, data warehousing, and health and safety requirements.

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The Sage Abra human resource management solution (HRMS) is designed to increase the efficiency of human resources (HR) administration, including HR, benefits, employee self-service, attendance, recruiting, and training. It includes support for companies in both the US and Canada, and can support companies with employees in both countries. Sage Abra replaces paper-based, time-consuming, and error-prone HR methods, and is modular, so users can customize the solution according to their needs, desired level of automation, and budget. Along with a comprehensive set of features for HR, benefits, time off, and training, Sage Abra HRMS includes Web-based employee self-service, benefits enrollment, and workflow features to keep the workforce connected at all times. It also comes with query, reporting, and analysis tools-including Crystal Report Writer-to manage critical business information. Sage Abra HRMS also supports multiple database platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Express, and Visual FoxPro.  

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NuView Systems, Inc

Founded in 1994, NuView Systems Inc. provides human resources (HR) and payroll solutions to global companies. The company also provides implementation assistance, project management, on-site training, customization, data conversion, ongoing support, and interfaces to benefit carriers, financials, applications, and other types of payrolls. NuView is headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts (US), with offices in Bend, Oregon (US).

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The NOW Solutions product, emPath®, is a web based HRMS solution. It integrates an organization's human resource and payroll functions, provides administrative and workflow capabilities, as well as employee and manager self-service. The solution provides the information to track employee salary and pay details, benefits, skills, absences, performance reviews, as well as comprehensive web self-service features.  

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Founded in 1974, PDS develops Web-based human resource management systems (HRMS) software that includes functionality for human resources (HR), benefits, and payroll. The company's applications are designed to help organizations focus more on strategic issues and less on administrative human resources (HR), benefits, and payroll activities. PDS also offers application hosting and software implementation services. PDS is a privately held company headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (US).

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MyWorkPLAN 来自 SESCOI,是一款方便易用的全新工作管理方案。SESCOI 是定制生产商(按订单生产)软件的领先开发者,向铸模、冲模和刀具生产商、一般机械公司和工程设计室提供服务。MyWorkPLAN 专为迎合极小型至中型定制生产商的工作管理需求量身打造,其设计特点是易学易用、方便实施。这是一款易于使用的任务管理系统,为项目报价、销售订单跟踪和文档管理提供核心功能。但用户可以向该系统添加一系列可选生产管理模块,以适合其特定需求,使其无需更改系统即可轻松处理全面企业资源规划。 产品主页:http://www.myworkplan.com/cn 。

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学习评价的维罗尼卡井上采访了两位代表美洲间的人力资源管理协会联合会(协会联合会Interamericana协会管理Humana公司),谁参加LA协会RECURSOS HUMANOS德拉阿根廷举行的人力管理会议。

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ERP System21

Infor ERP System21是一个灵活、先进的System i ERP解决方案,可供混合模式、鞋类与服饰以及流程制造商使用。Infor ERP System21集成的流程管理和工作流功能可以帮助客户制定关键业务流程,并能够轻松地实现这些流程,从而支持异常管理,降低管理成本,并显著提高业务效率。Infor ERP System21旨在满足国内和国际市场中开展业务的中等规模企业的需求,可以帮助使用IBM System i平台的各公司提高竞争力,并满足不断涌现的全球挑战。产品主页:http://www.infor.cn/productsummary/erp/system21 。

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