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 business intelligence reviewing for it industry


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TEC RFP模板为超过40个类别的软件罗列了数以千计的特性和功能。获取行业中最全面的要求/功能列表。


以成千上万的特点和功能为依据,一对一地比较各种领先的解决方案。 TEC比较报告给你比你所能发现其他任何地方都更详细的资料。



Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications are decision support tools that enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications provide users with valuable insights into key operating information to quickly identify business problems and opportunities. Users are able to access and leverage vast amounts of information to analyze relationships and understand trends that, ultimately, support business decisions. These tools prevent the potential loss of knowledge within the enterprise that results from massive information accumulation that is not readily accessible or in a usable form. It is an umbrella term that ties together other closely related data disciplines including data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, and decision support. 


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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) manufactures and sells computer services, hardware, and software. The company also provides financing services in support of its computer business. IBM's major operations are comprised of a global services segment; three hardware product segments (enterprise systems, personal and printing systems, and technology); a software segment; a global financing segment; and an enterprise investments segment. IBM offers its products through its global sales and distribution organizations. IBM's headquarters are located in Armonk, New York (US), and the company operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. It derives more than half of its revenues from sales outside the US.

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Business Objects公司Viador团队

Viador公司™宣布,它已经完成了初步的整合Business Objects的客户端/服务器和基于Web的产品到Viador E-门户套件™。 Viador预计提供能够创建个性化的portlet',通过他们的定制API,商业智能,Business Objects公司将提供他们的InfoView开放门户倡议。

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