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The computer, IT, and software industry represents permanent innovation and change: new technologies, new business models, and the constant search for best business and technology practices. In a market that changes every day, high financial risks must be addressed accordingly. Computer, IT, and software companies must take action to maintain profitability and stay competitive. Leading companies in this industry that adopt technologies to help meet their business, operational, and manufacturing needs can set an example for other industries.
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Companies in the computer, IT, and software industry experience challenges common to many industries, but also other industry-specific challenges. Here are some of the many industry-specific challenges the computer, IT, and software industry is facing:
  • the ability to fund the development of innovations that fit client requirements, as well as knowing how much to spend on innovation to ensure competitive position;
  • developing and maintaining an effective recruitment policy that helps companies hire qualified people—thereby maintaining and improving product or service quality;
  • keeping pace with the technological changes the market itself is instigating;
  • improving the company's knowledge management; and
  • creating a better alignment of expectations across advisors, buyers, and providers.
To face these and other challenges in an ever-changing industry, computer, IT, and software companies can use a number of software solutions with functionality specifically designed for their industry. These solutions include enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with manufacturing and services functionality; human resources (HR) systems; customer relation management (CRM) systems; business intelligence (BI) solutions; business performance management (BPM) and business process management (BPM) systems; supply chain management (SCM) systems; product lifecycle management (PLM) systems; information security (IS) solutions; content management systems (CMS); accounting systems with functionality specific to the computer, IT, and software industry; sales force automation (SFA) solutions; and finally software test tools.

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